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October 14th, 2007

Back In Time…..Finding some old memories

About a week ago my Mom, Sister and I took my Grandma back to the farm community that she raised my Mom and her siblings in. It was really interesting! I enjoyed seeing the little country church that my Mom went to as a kid and yes its still active! I just couldn’t help but try to imagine my Mom as a little kid sitting in the pews of the church and what she might have been like. I loved being able to get a glimpse of what her childhood was like. After that we drove down the dirt roads to visit the old farm house she grew up in. To our surprise the house was no longer there but it was still neat to see the land and hear all the stories.

We took this trip because my Grandma has not been doing so well. She just seems like she is giving up on life. It is truly sad to see someone in my family go through this. She just seems to be slipping away and nobody can seem to find a way to catch her fast enough. I feel like her spirt has left her, because most of the time I just get blank stares from her. We hoped that going to visit some things she cared about in the past might bring her back to us, even if it was just for a moment.

My Mom and Grandma on the land where the farmhouse was

May 23rd, 2007


For anyone who had not tried Christopher Elbow Chocolates, they must! His store is in downtown Kansas City, he also sells his chocolates through a few retailers. I can’t even begin to explain how good they are! He has found an amazing way of combining chocolate and art, they are so pretty I sometimes feel guilty eating them. So if you haven’t tried them GO GET SOME!

April 27th, 2007

Photoshoot I assisted on for Hallmark Magazine

Here are some scans from a photo shoot I assited for on Hallmark Magazine! This was such a fun shoot, I enjoyed seeing everyone in their creative hats! The photographer on this shoot was Jane Kortright, she is such a talented photographer. I am very privileged to work with her often! She is a full time photographer at Hallmark, if you would like to see some of her personal work you can go to Jane Kortright
. If you haven’t heard of Hallmark Magazine you should check it out, it is a lot like a Martha Stewart or Real Simple kind of magazine (has some really good recipes!). If anything you should subscribe to it so you can see stuff that I am working on. You can go to Hallmark to get a subscription. Right now they are offering a free trial issue. Enjoy the pics!

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