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Birth Photography

Every time I photograph a birth it feels like I am experiencing it for the first time. Watching the laboring mother, the support of a father and a new life coming into this world sends chills through my body and tears stream down my face. Every time I am amazed at this miracle we call life. I feel so honored to be able to photograph this time for families so they can remember their birth and have photos of their little one as he or she enters this world. There is nothing like a baby experiencing the outside world for the first time; their first little cry, their first movements, the struggle for them to open their eyes in the bright light and the little squeaks they make. It’s all so new and gives me the wonder and amazement of a child every time.

Having your birth photographed is a relatively new concept for many people. To help learn more about it you can read the birth photography FAQ’s below, but sometimes the best way to understand the beauty of birth photography is to experience it yourself. (be sure to watch till the end, there are some special surprises to see)

The day your little one makes it’s way into this world will be one of the most memorable moments in your life. Think of your wedding day. You wanted to capture all the details so you could treasure them forever. In the same way you’ll want to capture your baby’s first moments in life, your families faces as they meet your precious new addition, the room your child was born in and all the special people that helped bring your little one into this world. We also incorporate some video so you can see some of your babies first cries, movements and maybe even their first bath! We capture these priceless memories in a storytelling style so you can treasure them forever. Hiring a birth photographer also allows your birth partner to focus on assisting you and being your support during labor and delivery.

When does the photographer arrive for the birth and how long will they stay?

Notifying Portraits by Lucinda that you are in labor is crucial to ensuring we’re there to photograph your special day. However, we realize calling your photographer is likely going to be the last thing on your mind. Please ask your midwife, nurse or husband to notify Portraits by Lucinda when you arrive at your place of birth and labor is confirmed (you can call or text). Then you will keep me updated and when they feel it’s time to have the photographer arrive to capture the birth you will contact me again. We try to make my arrival about 1 hour before birth.. We will photograph a bit of your laboring, the birth process and then stay up to an hour after birth to capture a few more moments. We are on call 24/7 for you! If you go into labor at 3am, CALL ME! I am there for you. For each birth I make sure I am available 2 weeks before your due date and 2 weeks after.

What can I expect once the photographer arrives?

Our approach is to capture the story, but not to be in it! We will be in the background capturing the moments as they happen, in a fashion that tells YOUR story. We strive to remain unobtrusive and out of the way. We do not bring in big pieces of camera equipment or lighting. It’s simply a photographer with a camera. We believe this approach is appropriate for the intimacy of the setting.

How will the photographer protect my privacy and modesty?

We will photograph your birth in a very beautiful, modest way. We generally do not photograph nudity, except for your little baby and some nursing photos. This is all of course up to the family and their preferences on modesty. If you choose to keep it more modest be sure to have a sports bra or shirt on during birth :)

When and how should I book Portraits by Lucinda?

You should book with us as soon as you know you would like to hire us for your baby’s birth. To book a photographer, please select a package and send in a payment of 50% your package price. The 2nd half is due no later than 30 days before your “due date”. Portraits By Lucinda only takes a limited number of births a year so be sure too book as soon as you can.

What does birth photography cost?

Birth photography may seem I recently read a blog post that explained this the best, be sure to read it here.

What clients say –
Anabelle’s Mom: Lucinda, these are amazing…beautifully captured! I cannot even explain what these pics mean to me! Thank you!