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March 21st, 2008

What I’m in front of the camera, not behind??

Well as some of you know I do some occasional photo assisting at Hallmark Cards for their greeting cards, ads, magazine etc. Well funny enough they have had me model for some of the cards. Most recent cards that I am on are for the Product Red card line. There are some really great cards in this line, you should go check them out! In the picture below I hand modeled in the top right one and I am the one swinging in the bottom left one. Pretty crazy huh!

  1. Tim Halberg

    too cute!

  2. Rachel

    That’s nuts! Only because I have that box of cards, and I would have never known it was you unless you said something, but now I can totally tell it’s you. I LOVE those cards & I love the new website!

  3. Amanda Suanne

    thats really cool!

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