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April 28th, 2007

Hope Center Slideshow!

Gotta love the kids and their goofy faces!

If you read nothing else in this post go to Hope Center Slideshow

As a lot of you know I volunteer as a Bible study teacher at The Hope Center down in the inner city of Kansas City, Mo. The Hope Center is an organization that reaches out to the youth in the inner city to “build world class Christian leaders”. If you would like to learn more about them go to Hope Center Website.

Last night I finished my first year there! I went into this year thinking I was going to teach these kids and help them out, I never would have thought that they would have taught me more than I could have ever taught them! It’s overwhelming the amount of difficult situations these kids have faced in their lives, I am so proud of all of them for their strengh and determination! I am so excited to build deeper relationships with the kids in my class. They are true gifts in my life! At the Hope Center we are getting ready for our year end awards ceremony. This is a really big deal for the kids, I am exctied to see my kids receive their awards for all their hard work. Today I put together a slideshow for the ceremony. Go check it out!
Hope Center Slideshow

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